The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day is around the bend and you still don’t know what to buy for dad. Right?

It’s the age old problem of buying gifts for men. Either they don’t like it or they don’t need it and on some unlucky days – both.

(Drumroll…) Finally we found the perfect gift! This is great for every male (even the ones who don’t like tools) and it’s a rare combination between technology and practicalogy.

The Bosch 225 ft. Compact Laser Measure is a measuring tape that uses laser beams and not unsightly yellow metal tape that gives you paper cuts and snaps on your thumb.

How does it work?

Thanks to its laser precision technology and continuous measurement mode, it takes instant and reliable measurements up to 225 ft. so you can size up your job in seconds. It has 7 measuring modes, including length, area volume, minimum or maximum, continuous, indirect length and multi-surface area. The Bosch Laser Measure is ready for anywhere portability, fitting comfortably in your hand and easily into your pocket. The Laser Measure makes measuring easier and faster than a tape measure.