New Year Gift Guide 2018

The New Year countdown has just begun, and already, everyone is scrambling to get everything done before the clock ticks over. In the midst of all the parties and celebrations happening in the next couple of days, a lot of people are starting to concern themselves with what gifts to get their loved ones to ring in the New Year.

Now traditionally, gift-giving on the first day of the year has never been a common practice here in the Philippines, but it is still prevalent up to this day in many parts of Europe. What we are used to here is people giving each other food – an ideal gift as a contribution to whatever New Year’s party you may be attending. This would now serve as their means to foster good relations and break the ice among family members who you would honestly see maybe only once or twice a year.

For those who want to go the extra mile and give something a little more personalized, it goes without saying that it is nigh on impossible to find best gift for all kinds of occasions, fit for all ages. It is important to remember that any small gesture still counts and will be appreciated – but there is no denying that it is a very uncomfortable feeling when you show up to a gathering empty-handed when everyone else is having fun exchanging gifts with each other. After the harrowing rush of the Christmas season, the limited amount of time before New Year ’s Day makes it even more difficult to find fast and easy gifting solutions.

There will always be better and more effective alternatives though, and one of these can conveniently be found online at Why lose sleep over trying to find the perfect gift for your loved ones, when you can present them with the country’s premiere gift voucher, the Sodexo Premium Pass that is accepted in over 9000 merchants nationwide? Give them access to the largest network of retailers with just a few clicks! You can even have your vouchers delivered right at your recipient’s doorstep, and you can relax while waiting for the gifts to be delivered to them. It will help you save on additional costs in finding and delivering your gifts.

It pays to be practical nowadays given the constraints of everyday life in the city, and GC Regalo will always be there to help simplify your life and give you the most reliable gifting solutions.