Hiya, creative friends! Warm weather is finally here! Yay! Have you been enjoying it as much as I have? Goodness, I love this time of year. We have been working on our yard and making lots of trips to the hardware store this week. I can’t help but be inspired by all the pretty flowers and plants in the garden section. In fact, I bought a lovely monstera leaf plant that inspired this DIY leaf backdrop! Wouldn’t this be so fun for your next summer party or get together?


Darice Green Crepe Paper Sheets
Darice Rotary Cutter
Permanent Marker
Darice Scissors
Low-tack Adhesive or Tape

To get started with your DIY leaf backdrop, first use your rotary cutter to cut a large 20″x 35″ piece of crepe paper.

Using your permanent marker, carefully draw a large monstera leaf filling the sheet as much as possible. Monstera leaves come in all different shapes and sizes, so don’t stress about them being perfect!

Continue cutting several different leaf sizes and shapes. Cut some small holes in the middle of the leaves to make them look more realistic.

adhesive tape to adhere them to your wall.

Continue attaching the DIY leaf backdrop to your wall in a staggered pattern. You can make as many as you like! Crepe paper sheets are really inexpensive, and I was able to get three leaves out of each roll.

I love the wow-factor this monstera DIY leaf backdrop has, and it only costs a few dollars to make!

Planning a big summer party this year? Let the outdoors inspire you too with some giant crepe paper monstera leaves. These DIY tropical party decorations will coordinate perfectly with your new backdrop! Happy crafting!